Fueling Tables Across Canada: Delivering PEI’s Iconic Exports

Bulk Carriers
Bulk Carriers
April 30, 2024
Fueling Tables Across Canada: Delivering PEI’s Iconic Exports

Here at Bulk Carriers, we have the privilege of delivering some of Prince Edward Island’s most iconic and celebrated exports to locations across Canada and the United States. As the nation’s tiny island province, PEI boasts robust agriculture and fisheries sectors despite its small size. In particular, delectable spuds, succulent shellfish, and tart island berries have become globally synonymous with PEI’s natural bounty. Our fleet of refrigerated trucks ensures these world-renowned goods arrive kitchen-ready.

Potatoes - PEI’s Starchy Symbol

As Canada’s potato powerhouse, PEI supplies over a quarter of our country’s total potato crop. From buttery yellow Yukon Golds to the classic russet, Bulk Carriers transports truckload after truckload of the island’s legendary spuds westward to satisfy fry and chip cravings nationwide. Beyond bulk shipments to processors and packagers, we partner with farms like Red Aisle Produce, Garden Isle, and McKenna's Brother Potato Farms to maintain quality.

Plump, Sweet Island Lobster

As a recognized lobster fishing hotspot dotting the Gulf of St.Lawrence coastline, PEI supplies over 40% of Canada’s hauled lobster every year. Delicate yet delicious, lobsters must arrive alive at final destinations after leaving bubbly East Coast waters. Our climate-controlled reefers recreate optimal transit conditions through precise temperature and oxygen management so restaurants countrywide can enjoy PEI’s iconic crustacean.

Wild PEI Blueberries

In summer months when fields blush pinkish-purple, over 2,200 island berry growers harvest tiny, tangy wild blueberries. Free of artificial pesticides or fertilizers, PEI’s wild berries pack an antioxidant punch unrivaled by cultivated cousins, yet remain petite enough to bake intact into muffins and pies. Bulk Carrier’s expedited, gentle handling preserves delicate fruit to help bakers and juice makers capture quintessential island flavor.

At Bulk Carriers, we applaud the untiring efforts of PEI’s farming, fishing, and foraging families who nourish the country by stewarding these homegrown delicacies. We take pride in bolstering the food security and livelihoods of islanders by delivering their harvest bounty into the hands of foodies nationwide. Wherever you bite into an oven-roasted spud, crack open a lobster claw, or spoon up a mouthwatering blueberry tart, odds are Bulk Carriers brought a little taste of Prince Edward Island straight to your plate!

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