Trucking Done Differently! Thoughts from the CEO....

Nick Williams
Nick Williams
April 30, 2024
Trucking Done Differently! Thoughts from the CEO....

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics “- Sun Tzu

Transportation and Logistics is a collection of processes involved in the production, storage, inventory, delivery and distribution of specific goods and services. Sounds like it is all science, planning and mathematics with a little technology sprinkled in, or so I was led to believe. Turns out it is no different to many other business sectors where a combination of science and art is at play.

Business, in my humble opinion, is as much about the art as it is about the science. The artistic element is being handled carefully through human resources and smart intuitive people. Of course, you need process, discipline, technology, and solid planning to coordinate your activities, but the art is where the true magic happens.

I would argue that in most mature businesses, basic systems, and processes, along with smart tools are merely table stakes these days. What really is a differentiator is people. Here is where the art comes in. Intuition, inspiration, innovation, and a commitment to embrace change and improve, are some of the human attributes needed to succeed. That is why top CEOs own recruitment and are continually on the lookout for new talent and developing their existing teams. It is also why embracing diversity and nurturing broad thought and opinion is both creative, engaging and stimulating. Adding specialism and up-skilling your business is what sets you apart.

The Bulk way…

Bulk's vision and mission are to embrace all these elements and in doing so create an environment that inspires and retains talent. Leading to innovative thinking and a focus on improvement, sustainable decision making and best practices. In effect, developing your own intellectual property or secret sauce.

Investing in people and developing the culture of an organization so that your vision, mission, and values shine through is a critical element of success. Without a north star and common beliefs in business, it would be like orienteering without a map and compass, pointless.

Lacking direction and undervaluing teamwork is a fatal floor and can lead to friction, silo mentality and worse organizational inertia.

Building true partnerships and developing a service culture is one ingredient in the secret sauce of any business that wants to deliver for its customers. If the team is strong and cohesive then the work gets done effortlessly and the business self-regulates, reaching this utopia allows truly creative and solid things to happen and enables plans to stick.

Transport and logistics…

Chasing market volatility by riding the highs and surviving the lows, is not healthy nor sustainable. It appears to be normal in the transport sector and leads to boom-and-bust behaviour that cultivates further volatility. Believing in your attributes, your plan, and your ability to build lasting and sustainable direction and relationships, are healthier and more long-lasting. Care for what you stand for and be committed regardless of setbacks, and you will usually win through.

Be flexible…

Taking control of your business by setting a pulse for the organization and remaining consistent provides stronger and more predictable results. Staying the course is never easy, particularly in turbulent times, but ultimately remaining focused on your plan and goals provides clarity and understanding for all to see. That being said, allowing for deviation and or contingency is both pragmatic and reasonable.

Share in your success…

Remaining humble is never easy when things go well but it is important to remind oneself that everyone plays a role in success and the team is far more powerful than any one individual. Involving your internal and external stakeholders is both respectful and engaging and if your customers feel a fully-fledged part of your business then magic can happen! Bulk's vision is “to be the most customer-focused, stimulating, and engaging place to work and do business.”

To achieve this, it starts with building truly engaging and emotional partnerships that over time will create longevity and mutual success. After all, everyone wants to feel they are part of a greater good and contributing to lasting and sustainable success, don’t they?

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Nick Williams, Mba, Nacd.

Chief Executive Officer


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Nick Williams
Nick Williams
Chief Executive Officer

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